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Partner Program FAQ

Why should I join the program?
You, and your clients, get to enjoy our partner discounted moving, packing & storage rates. You will have access to the lowest moving rates available in the market with 30 days of free storage to help you stage. As a partner, you will also earn commission for every reserved move.

Our team is always here to help and learn more about your goals.

Feel free to contact us with any special request you may have, and we would be more than happy to make this program even greater!

Who can participate in the program?
This program is designed for our Real Estate agent community, however, we also invite all professionals who feel they can benefit to join.
How do I join the program?
Complete and submit your application, and wait for the approval email. You and your clients will start getting benefits as soon as your application has been approved.
What type moves can I submit?
We specialize in out of state moves. We only move individuals and families out of the state of CA, for instance: moving from CA to TX, FL, AL, NJ etc..
Any delivery restrictions?
We do not ship to the following states: ND, MD, MT, NH, VT, NY, ME, AK,
What is the commission?
Commission is based on number of bedrooms you wish to move.
One bedroom – $50
2 bedrooms – $100
3 bedrooms – $150
4 bedrooms and up – $250
5 bedrooms and up – $300 to $350
When and how do I get paid?
Commission is paid on ship out day. As soon as the truck is ready to leave CA, a check will be mailed to you, along with an email conformation.
How do I submit my clients?
Easy peasy! Our smart system lets you submit your clients with one click away from any device. Perfect for people on the go!
How does the free 30 days of storage work with staging?
We offer 30 days of free storage. Our movers can pick up any item/s you don’t need, and store it until you are ready. Once the house sells, we come to pick up the rest.
This service is 100% free, if less than 30 days are needed- We also offer longer durations for low monthly fees.
More questions?
Email or schedule a time to speak with us – we would be more than happy to help!

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