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Relocation, Packing &




Moving Check List

6 to 7 weeks before your move

  • Make a rundown of all that you wish to relocate for a simple rule.
  • Review “Your rights and obligations” Booklet issued by the Department Of Transportation to teach the general population about moving organizations’ liabilities.
  • Sort out items you don’t wish to relocated and consider a carport deal or giving choices inside of your neighborhood group.
  • Some items can’t be relocated by movers, you may like to utilize them or give them away before the move.
  • Make an extraordinary rundown of delicate items or items you may require proficient packing help.
  • Contact us and get your free moving quote.

4 to 5 weeks before your move

  • Schedule and affirm your moving date with our moving experts.
  • If you are moving with children, contact their school and have their records exchanged to the new school.
  • Arrange the exchange of restorative records to pertinent medicinal services suppliers at your new destination. Duplicates of your therapeutic records can likewise straightforwardly be given to you. Verify you keep them safe in an envelope.
  • Arrange transfer of personal insurance and veterinarian records.
  • Inform important parties about your move:

4 to 5 weeks before your move

 2 to 3 weeks before your move

  • Make a list of the number, type of boxes and packing materials you require for your move.

2 to 3 weeks before your move

  • Review again the “Non-Allowable” List and verify you are completely mindful of items that can’t be migrated.
  • Begin the procedure of packing, begin with items you are not utilizing all the time.
  • Arrange your venture arrangements, book flight tickets and lodgings.
  • Service your car and make sure it’s well maintained for the drive In case of driving.
  • In case, you are moving with anything that contains fuel in it then ensure that you empty it before moving.
  • Contact utilities providers and fix a date to detach their services.
  • If you are moving with pets, make a point to visit your vet. Most states oblige wellbeing endorsements and maybe other wellbeing techniques. Make a note to counsel with your vet about the relocation of your pet.

1 week before your move

  • Speed up on the process of your packing and attempt to wrap up your crates and bags.
  • If you require medication, visit your doctor and set up medicines for the following couple of weeks, ensure to keep them in a safe place.
  • Catch up with friends and family for a nice gathering before you leave.

Few days before your move

  • Empty your refrigerator or freezer and make sure it is dried.
  • Make sure you got rid of items that cannot be relocated.

Day before your move

  • Review your property over and over,when packing your own boxes make sure all items are properly boxed.
  • Make sure you got rid of items that cannot be moved.
  • Don’t disconnect electronics such as stereos, TV’s, computer  because it is important they stay within the room temperature so leave them for the actual move day.

Moving Day

  • It is the ideal time for a last walkthrough with our movers, it is inside of your obligation to verify all your own belonging are stocked and stacked on the truck. Get your bill of lading duplicate and review it carefully before singing. Keep your duplicate in a safe place.
  • It is necessary to keep your landline connected because you may need to make last minute calls.
  • Before leaving finally, verify all lights are turned off, windows are closed, and doors are locked.
  • Final check all your Items before leaving.

Final checklist:

Final checklist


  • Our driver will reach you couple of days earlier, ensure to be present to receive your own belongings and if not then assign someone to receive your belongings on your behalf and submit the final payment of your move.
  • With your duplicate of the bill of replenishing and full inventory list, ensure that all of your own belongings arrived safely and notify the driver if there is any changes. Your own belongings will be placed in your new property according to your directions and items that were dismantled at the origin will be reassembled by our group.
  • Allow your electronics such as stereos, TV’s, computer etc up to 24-48 before connecting them to reach room temperature to avoid the change of damages

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