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Is Haven Express fully licensed?
Absolutely-  Haven Express is a completely licensed, bonded and guaranteed  by the United States Department Of Transportation. We operate all over the United States and committed in providing complete door to door relocation experience to valuable customers with our full service distance moving and storage.
How far in advance should I reserve my move date?
You should reserve your move date as soon as you know what date you wish to move. If you have one particular day you can move, we advise you to reserve it sooner rather than later. If you are flexible with moving dates, then additional time can be taken before reservation. Please keep in mind that any information we provide you is based on current availability that may be liable to changes before reservation. When your move date has been saved, your move is set and 100% ensured.
What is a Full Moving Service?
A full moving service implies the complete packing and moving door to door service, where you don’t have to lift a finger. Our team of experts’ movers and packers is completely prepared and resolved to treat your own items with most extreme care and admiration. A Full Pack/Partial Pack Service is not required in situations where you wish to pack your own boxes and free items yourself, it is a discretionary service. The Protection of Your Furniture and greater items by our team is totally free and will be performed on the genuine moving date.


How the cost of my move is determined?
The expense of your turn can be controlled by either a Binding Price or  the Volume (CF) of your shipment, Weight (Lbs) of your shipment Not to Exceed per particular Item. Our experts will audit your particular moving needs and suggest whether you can get a more prominent return in quality while accepting a Volume Moving charge (CF) verses a Binding Rate or Weight Moving Price Not To Exceed Per particular Item Moving Price and the other way around.

Here at Haven Express we just work on a Flat Binding Rate, which implies any rate we issue is tying and is not subject to changes. Along these lines we can guarantee altered moving expense arrangements.

What is CF?
CF = Cubic Feet alludes to the Volume Of Your Shipment, which is the amount of space your own effects will require in the truck. There is a set recipe of how Volume is being ascertained. Our moving advisor pro will audit the items you wish to move and furnish you with the accurate volume of your shipment.
What is the difference between CF Moving Quote and LBS Moving Quote?
The difference between a CF Moving Quote (Volume) and LBS (Weight) Moving Quote, is the way the expense of your shipment will be resolved. At the point when a moving quote is set to CF (Volume) the aggregate expense of your turn must be controlled by the Volume of your shipment and the heaviness of your shipment does not influence the aggregate expense. That additionally lives up to expectations the other path around, when a moving quote is set to Lbs (Weight) the volume of your shipment does not influence the cost.
When and how should I pay for the move?
Here at Haven Express Moving and Storage, we attempt to make it as simple as could reasonably be expected. We composed an adaptable three payment arrangement for your benefit and only require a security deposit to hold your move day, which is a little division of the aggregate expense of your move. Half of the parity is expected on pickup day and the staying half is expected on conveyance once you get your own effects at the destination. You can look over a mixed bag of distinctive payment routines to pay for your move. Our team of Moving experts are completely prepared to get any type of payment. You are more than welcome to counsel with our moving pros in regards to the distinctive payment alternatives that are accessible to you.
Should I tip the movers?
We don’t have set rules regarding the matter of tipping movers. Tipping movers relies  upon what feels good and fitting to you, in view of your own moving knowledge. If you do decide to tip the movers, keep in mind that  pickup and delivery crews are not the same group of individuals.
What free services can I expect to receive?
We like to set an altered expense for your move with no extra charges and that is the motivation behind why most of the services we give are totally complimentary to you. From free moving assessments to dismantling and reassembly of your furniture and the assurance of your furniture – that is only the starting! We additionally don’t charge additional for assessments, work, fuel, toll streets and mileage. Our full rundown of free services fundamentally underlines what separates us from other van lines. You can hope to get a superior moving knowledge with focused rates and free moving services that are stuffed with considerable advantages like no other accessible in the market.
What does the “No Hidden Cost Policy” cover?
No Hidden Charge Plan implies you are completely mindful the expense of the shipment and how it was figured and know precisely what’s in store every last step. Haven Express has an exceptionally strict No Hidden Charge Plan where we transparently share our coupling levies then charges to stay away from confusions that may come about because of poor communication.
Should I pack my own boxes?
Packing your own particular boxes is not required. Haven Express’s experienced moving experts will be more than glad to help you with the procedure of packing your own particular boxes or strangely formed free items. You can investigate our distinctive packing services, and talk about your packing needs with our moving experts. Our focused packing rates and brilliant packing materials will guarantee a moderate and secure moving background.
Can I leave items in dressers, drawers, cabinets?
We advise you to exhaust drawers, cabinets, and dressers and place their contents into boxes as we must verify those items are entirely secure before moving.
Where can I get more information about self-packing?
You are more than welcome to examine your packing needs with our moving experts or investigate our free packing aides.
Are there certain items that cannot be moved?
Yes. A few items can’t be moved by licensed organizations as The Department Of Transportation has a strict set of laws and regulations, we must agree to. Our “Non-Allowables “List completely covers the limitations movers have with regards to transporting certain items.
Is my move insured?
Some homeowners and renters insurance policies cover relocation, make sure to check with your insurance provider before purchasing an additional coverage for your move.

Things to know before purchasing an additional insurance policy:
A full coverage insurance can only be issued by insurance companies if the mover or a third party professional packing company is packing your boxes for you, as this is the only way they can monitor the actual content and condition of items prior to shipping.
When purchasing a greater coverage keep in mind that boxes that are packed by owners (yourself) will be covered up to $250/box, and the total value of all boxes together cannot exceed $2,500.00. In addition, all packed by owner boxes must show cosmetic evidence, to receive any kind of compensation.
The cost of your policy is based on the total value of your belongings, for instance:
10k policy – $250.00 US (with $250.00 deductible)
20k policy – $385.00 US (with $250.00 deductible)

All policies must be purchased at least 48 hours prior your move.

How long does it take to deliver my items?
Delivery time may vary, and greatly depends on the origin and destination of your move. Deliveries can take anywhere between 1 to 14 business days, and by federal law carriers have up to 21 business days to deliver, from the first available day for delivery. Unfortunately, long distance movers are unable to guarantee one specific delivery date, as many factors affect delivery time, from dealing with multiple deliveries, to laws and regulations that must be followed by commercial vehicles such as weight stations, inspections, scheduled rest time, weather conditions and more.Our dispatch department will contact you as soon as the truck is ready to leave CA with more targeted dates of arrival. You will be provided with the driver’s phone number, and have a direct access to his schedule. You will be able to check the status of your delivery at any given time by calling or texting the driver. Please be mindful that our drivers are working around the clock, either driving or unloading trucks, and may need to return your calls or texts when they are in a safe environment – your patience is greatly appreciated. Your assigned driver will also call you a day before arrival, and on arrival day, as a final notice before arrival.
How can I track my shipment?
Here at Haven Express, We like to make sure you are going to be prepared for us to get your delivery. Our moving experts will constantly communicate with you and give you any important reports in regards to the status of your delivery.  What’s more, we additionally give our customers and purchasers with our driver’s immediate telephone number, thusly you can correspond with our drivers at any given time.
Do you offer any storage solutions?

Your package comes with 30 days of free storage, which you are more than welcome to take advantage at any time. Our storage is based here in CA and is a great option for as long you don’t require access to your belongings while you are traveling or looking for a new place.  Transit time is always added to the storage duration –  in case you need to take that into account.

We also offer long term storage solutions, normally, calculated by 0.50/CF- Feel free to contact us for more information and rates.
Can you deliver to a storage facility?
We can deliver to any location for as long as semi trailer can park within a reasonable walking distance.
What is a Shuttle Service?

All Movers in the US, without any exception, use semi-trailers for long distance moves (unless disclosed differently in your paperwork). Semi-trailers are big rigs that are also referred as tractor-trailers or eighteen-wheelers. They are 53 ft long plus the tractor, all which can come to 80 ft long or even more. Semi-trailers require 2 lanes to turn, 14 ft clearance in height, and cannot go through roundabouts, narrow or dirt roads.

Some cities, many apartment complexes, townhomes and even some residential areas, may not always accommodate large semi-trailers, due to narrow lanes, low tree branches, and other variable restrictions. As much as our teams are doing their best to cover all the ins and out of your move, it is not always possible to determine in advance if a semi-trailer can easily park in your location, and for that reason, we always advise to budget accordingly, in case a shuttle or long carry services are needed, or have a second plan to come and meet the movers, where the semi can safely park.    
Haven Express is a completely licensed, fused and guaranteed carrier which implies your own belongings are ensured against misfortune or harm within the basic free limited liability insurance policy.  Note that the free limited liability insurance is not a full coverage policy, and is not a full replacement.  You can talk with our experts about different type of Moving Insurance coverage’s or visit our valuation security for more information.
Our skilled moving crew is committed to secure your own belongings in the most productive and minding way. We strongly advise to go through our packing guides and make sure you follow the instructions if you decide to pack your own boxes in order to avoid claims. . It is vital to comprehend the claim processes before moving and ask about different handling options, and claim settlements. Our experts will see you from begin to end process of filing any claim and Cover any inquiries you may have upon your request.

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